Black Boy, White School

February 8, 2012

Hey Guys,

Hope you all have been having an excellent couple of weeks! Sorry I haven’t checked in and written anything in a while, school and skiing have been bogging me down a bit lately. BUT have no fear, I have an excellent post for you all this week.

Last night we had a Gould Alum, Brian Walker, come to campus and talk a little bit about himself and a book he has just published, called Black Boy, White School. The book is about a young fourteen year old boy named Anthony (Ant) who has spent his entire life living in a neighborhood in East Cleveland. Ant ends up getting a scholarship to attend an elite boarding school in Maine, called Belton Academy. The book follows Ant’s time at Belton, and it was interesting to hear Brian speak about how glimpses of his own personal experience at boarding school tied into the novel.

I video-taped Brian reading one of the scenes from the book, which talks about Ant’s first day at Belton, including how he has to sit in an assembly, attend a dorm meeting, and pack for a freshman orientation camping trip….hmm sound familiar? (Sorry for the laughing, but the passage just sounded so familiar and reminded me so much of Gould it was hard not to)

I’m really glad I went to listen to Brian talk, not only because he was an awesome speaker, but it was also really neat to me that he went to Gould not all that long ago, and experienced some of the same great things about this place that I have. Brian talked a lot about Gould being a refuge, and that the friendships and relationships he built here are some of the strongest he’s ever had. That was really powerful to me: being a senior now and looking back on my Gould career, I think I can agree with that. It’s really inspiring to me that Brian not only took pieces of his Gould experience and built on them, but is also sharing them with the world.

I bought  a copy of the book tonight after the reading, and I’ve already started it. Gould kids, faculty or alums: YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK. (There are references to Winter Carnival, Freshman Brook, morning assemblies…it’s pretty cool to read a book about a place you know so well already)

Even if you AREN’T a Gould kid, faculty member or alum, you should still read this book. Here’s the link to it on amazon…now go buy it.

Happy reading everyone, ’til next week!



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  1. Tucker Kimball Tucker Kimball says:

    Nice post, Izzy. I got to sit down with Brian yesterday to talk with him about the book, writing, Gould and the publishing process. Really interesting, tremendously nice guy. Glad you enjoyed having him on campus. It was a really cool opportunity…for him too I think.

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