Bits and Pieces

February 4, 2014

OVERHEARD AT THE SUPERBOWL PARTY: “How can Rocky Mountain Oysters be from Denver, when Denver is so far from the ocean?”

I am still recovering from the outstanding Bruno Mars concert on Sunday night which, I’m told, also featured a football game. And some Red Hot Chili Peppers (whose guitars didn’t seem to be plugged into anything).

So this post will be somewhat shorter than my typical rant, or my average weekly obsession over some curious wordplay. Today I am busy skipatrollingteachingadviseefeedingclassplanningjuniorpointorganizing.

Today I will just say that it is February at the Academy. And that means busybusybusy.

Except for a certain Glogger with whom I am currently engaged in a Glog-War. This is what she is busy doing:

Uhhh, hard at work?

Uhhh, hard at work?


Your move, Habes.





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