Bethel’s Best-Kept Secret (Shhh……!)

November 23, 2011

OVERHEARD IN A DEPARTMENT MEETING: “She’s doing fine in my class, she just failed everything all trimester, that’s all.”


My entry will be short today, simply because:

A- With school on vacation there is very little going on on campus that is either poignant or humorous, and I don’t want to take up your valuable vacation time reading something boring.

2- It’s already Wednesday.


I just thought I’d share a little secret with all of you.  Don’t tell.  It’s a secret that only a special few of us (by “special few” I mean “everyone that lives in Bethel“) know.  It’s the secret about what happens on campus when everyone else (by “everyone else” I mean “everyone reading this“, unless you fit into the previous “parentheses-ed group“) leaves for vacation.

How many times did you have to read that last sentence before you would get through without stopping at the “bold-itlaicized” parts?

Here’s the secret:  We make it snow after the last student leaves.  Not kidding, look at the picture below, taken 5 minutes ago (Wed morning at 7:35)…

Oh the weather outside is frightful...... Wed morning in Bethel, ME, USA


Have a safe, happy, yummy Thanksgiving!

(Oh, and don’t tell “anyone” the secret…unless they tell “you” first…)


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