Beijing Morning

March 20, 2013

You know how you can have sympathy pains for someone who is hurting? I think we are having sympathy snow here in Beijing. I woke up to an email from Martha Whittington about the snow in Maine and looked out the window to a few inches snow myself.

I have never seen this much snow in Beijing and I will take it as a good sign. It sure was beautiful. However, I did take the opportunity to head to the Temple of Heaven and have a bit of a discussion with the weather gods.

(The tablets that signify the Gods of Thunder, Wind, Rain and Clouds)

I clarified with them that while Four Point was coming to Beijing, it was Freshman Four Point not Junior Four Point on their way. The snow was really about two weeks too late and a half a world away from where it was needed. We cleared up the confusion and they told me the snow should be gone by the time the students touch down at Beijing Capital Airport. I threw in a request for a nice weekend while I was at it, so we’ll see how that goes.

Just a few more pictures of a snowy Beijing morning… looks just like Bethel.

I’ll help you build a snowman dad!

The roof of a building and the blue sky!

People out enjoying the snow.

 James Qian arrived from his hometown today and he helped me to finish with the last minute preparations for the arrival of the China crew tomorrow.

I just heard from Martha Whittington that everything looks smooth and they are at the airport ready to go! I’ll update in about 24 hours (Thursday AM east coast time) once they have arrived and eaten dinner. While I love spending time in Beijing, I am really excited to have all of the students coming soon so I can share the city will them!

Until tomorrow,



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