Beijing: A Day in the Market and The Temple of Heaven

March 15, 2015

(Photos will be added tomorrow morning.)

To start our first full day in the city of Beijing, we packed into a public bus down the road from the hostel. We were on our way to the Dirt Market, a local outdoor market. One memorable moment from that trip is that the bus broke down. The group adapted well to the challenge presented to us. Some of us got on another bus on the same route. The rest of the group rode the original bus, limping along until we were within close walking distance of the market.

Students tested their bargaining skills shopping for all sorts of goods: jewelry, board games, beads, and small works of art.

Kids Shopping 2 Kids Shopping 1

Dirt Mkt Group Shot

Later we ate lunch at a great place that served us a wide variety of food. Some quotes from the meal include: “I love squid!” , “Why don’t we have eggplant like this back home?” And “Really that candy dish was fried banana?”

Students explored a local grocery store where looked to see the unusual foods and the ways that foods are displayed and packaged for sale in China. Mostly they purchased candy and other snacks for later.

Then we were off to the Temple of Heaven, a historic site where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasty would have participated in rituals that would lead to a good harvest.

Gate to Heaven

Walkway to Heaven

Temple of Heaven Group Shot

After touring through the temples, students spent time in the park playing a game similar to hacky sack, dancing beside the locals, and journaling.

Dancing 2

Dancing 1 Hacky Sack Journaling 1 Journaling 2

A subway ride home returned us to the hostel for a quick turn around before dinner. We went to a very tasty dumpling restaurant a few blocks from the hostel. What a great first day in the city!

IMG_6816 Dumplings 2

Students are still getting adjusted to the timezone. Some were even starting to fall asleep at the dinner table, so we headed back to the hostel for an early night to bed to rest up for a big day tomorrow of hiking on The Great Wall of China.


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  1. Avatar Blakeslee says:

    Great pics and updates – thank you and keep them coming! Looks like a great start!

  2. Avatar Sheila Maguire says:

    Love it! Looks like they had a great day! Thanks!

  3. Avatar Beth McCarthy says:

    Thank you for the pictures! So many smiles!

  4. Avatar Rene D'Amico says:

    Thanks for keeping up updated, and for posting all of the great pictures. I love the look on Nick’s face in the last picture when he’s watching Liam eat something unusual. A picture really is worth a thousand words!

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    Great pictures! I’m now excited to read tomorrow’s post.

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