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February 12, 2012

Hi everyone!

So, this week I find myself in the same position as the end of every other terms I’ve spent at Gould. As in, “wow! Where did this term go? And why is it so hard now?!?!” However, this end of term is bringing some new meaning to the thought of “Turning up the heat to turn it down.” That’s the way my parents always put it when I get stressed about the last week. You’re either getting pounded with homework or stressing about exams, and it’s terrifying. Especially when those grades are your last chance to get better grades to send to colleges. I’m getting stressed writing about it right now!

Anyways, about why my parents say. I did reword it a bit, it’s normally pressure instead of heat. However, I get to enjoy myself after this week with 9 days of living in the woods of the White Mountains. In case you aren’t a New England Geography whizz or are a new parent, that means that me and my class are hopping into the woods for Junior Four Point. That’s 9 days of unsupported winter backpacking in some of the harshest weather mother nature can throw at us. I’m really excited! I think it’ll be awesome!

This is my last glog post for a while, as I leave for the woods next Sunday, and break follows right after. I should have some video of ski racing and pictures from four point after March Break.

Hopefully it’s not anything like today (I’m knocking on wood so no one with higher powers than us “mere” mortals can use this paragraph against me…), as in temp ranges from 2 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit and wind knocking those temperatures into the negatives. Being in spandex skiing today was a bit chilly. However, it was another bluebird (not a cloud in the sky!) day, so I couldn’t complain. After taking a tumble on thursday my back is feeling much better, and I felt like I could ski again! (can’t say the same about yesterday’s race).

To all Freshman reading this: if I don’t get to say this to you guys before you go, enjoy your trip! Take lots of pictures, bring extra memory cards and keep an open mind to everything! It’s a super amazing experience, and I hope you enjoy it!

To all Freshman parents, from my parents: Don’t worry about your kids while they are in china. They will make it back safely, and have a lot of stories to tell you! Don’t get upset if they tell the same story twice, or more than that. They’re just super excited.

To everyone else: enjoy your four points/ breaks. Enjoy every minute of it, because every moment will be over just as fast as it started.

Oh, and if you are ever tucking down a trail on the ski hill going REALLY REALLY FAST, don’t go into moguls. It hurts, a lot. You won’t be able to stay above the ground. (Thanks, Jefe, for making an example of me to my entire dinner table. Although I was mortified at the time, I find it pretty funny now. I won’t do it again any time soon, I promise!)


Let the good times roll!



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  1. Avatar Grandma Nelson says:

    You keep filling our hearts and heads with pride for our grandson…our only grandson…our first grandchild. You are such a special guy and we love you very much.
    Grandma & Grandpa Nelson

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