Beach Day!

May 6, 2013

You guys have been getting used to me talking about weekends here at the Academy, but this past one was very special to me…and might be the last weekend activity for me (like, EVER) due to the upcoming month of exams, musical practice, schoolwork, and graduation festivities.

After spending months in the gloom, it is quite a relief to catch some sun. Although Bethel is quite pretty in the Spring, there’s nothing as beautiful as the shore on a sunny day here in Maine. So, along with the wonderful Mrs. Hughes and some friends, I ventured out to Willard Beach in South Portland on Sunday.

It was so beautiful! The sun was nice and warm, the wind was kept to a nice breeze, and the water was cold ~ but not too cold that I couldn’t put my feet in. I sat on the beach taking tin the salty air and really felt relaxed and happy. I know I have a long month ahead of me, so this was a great opportunity to mentally prepare myself.


But this trip was also sentimental in a way: when I was a wee sophomore three years ago, I took the same trip with Mrs. Hughes and Tuti ’13. We had such a blast that we promised we would do it every year in the Spring. And even though Tuti couldn’t make it this weekend, it was still such a wonderful trip and a little momentus. I rolled into that beach as a Sophomore, and yesterday I left it as a Senior. I guess I’m just a tad emotional…

Either way, it was a wonderful day had by all! Food on the grill, sun, and waves…what else could we want?!


Hopefully I’ll be able to take more weekend trips soon, but if I can’t, what a wonderful way to end the year! To all the Gouldies, keep up this traditional trip next year ~ I promise, it’s a blast!!!

Till next time,



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