be mine?

February 14, 2011

So tomorrow is the all so famous VALENTINES day. How will you celebrate it here at the academy? I have witnessed a great deal of attempts at “spreading the love” this past weekend around campus. Jamin and Mirina sold cute heart-decorated cupcakes this morning at brunch to raise money for ReachOut, Gehring hosted a V-day card making party, and there have been multiple shopping trips for present shopping for your sweetheart.

To add to the festivities, I believe that 2nd floor of Gehring is hosting their own Valentines Day bash, while 4th floor is quietly rebelling by hosting their first annual “anti-valentines day celebration,” consisting of sappy love movies, unlimited amounts of chocolate, and “boys suck” tee-shirts… (well actually finding was low, so we couldn’t get the shirts… maybe next year)

I hope you all have a loving day tomorrow… whether you’re embracing the holiday, or striking against it.



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