Basketball Diplomacy

February 23, 2011

Having last seen our students as they were whisked away by their host families at the airport, it was great to see them all this morning at the school.  There was much excited talk about driving in Chengdu (why do they bother having lines on the road??), dinner last night, and the various living arrangements.  We started the day with a series of welcoming ceremonies– first with the 1,000 students from the upper school (the other 4,000 from the primary and middle schools were in class) and then with the host families and representatives of the school.  Marcello gave a wonderful speech on behalf of the Gould students after which we received gifts from the school and host families.

Lunch was served in the school dining hall followed by some computer and English time with some of the Tanghu students.

We had an hour to kill and we did what many of the Chinese students do with their extra time…hit the basketball  court!

After the game (and before the challenge game with the varsityteam at the end of the day) we headed off to learn some Chinese vocabulary and calligraphy.

At the end of the day, our enthusiastic team accepted the challenge of the Tanghu varsity hoopsters.  The final score was fairly close, thanks to generous play and officiating on the part of our hosts.  Annelisa was our secret weapon– there are not many girls found on the Chengdu courts.

We ended the day with a wonderful banquet for students and host families.  Good night!!


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  1. Avatar Ellen Blackwell (Annelisa's mom) says:

    That’s my girl! So glad to see everyone enjoying themselves. Can’t tell you how much I look forward to these posts!

  2. Avatar Bob Thompson says:

    So . . . what was the score of the basketball game?

    I am so envious of all of you. What an adventure! I am very happy for you and grateful to Gould.

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