Basketball and Beards

February 15, 2008

The focus of the Glog this week has been 4 Point and basketball so as not to stray from either topics we are adding an update on the beards and a very hot off the press report on the boys basketball game.
The day is looming close for the bearded men and boys of Gould. They are due to display very soon, and be judged by the community. Catagories of the past have been, most wildlife living in beard, most artistic, bushy and better, most pitiful etc, etc. it really is like walking around in Alaska….!! We have even forgotten what some of them look like now.

As for the basketball…….The gentlemen played really well and pushed the game to a exciting climax. The crowd were quite literally on their feet, its the closet fought match we have seen in a while. A sad end to a great season but they played with dignity and lost a very hard fought game 37-40. They should be proud of their efforts.

Hats off to the lads and lasses of Gould Basketball we have put our name on the map and will be a force to be reckoned in the future.

Helen & Chris Davies


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