Bamboo Bike Building with Marty Odlin

February 23, 2011

Marty Odlin, a graduate of Gould Academy, introduced students to the art of bamboo bike building. From the start students were excited to begin the process.

Building this bike takes time and patience. Students spent the majority of the morning filing bamboo, to make it fit just right.

It was amazing to watch the progress they had made in such a short time. I visited this group earlier in the morning, and students had just started molding the bike together. When I came back again in the afternoon, the bike had started to take shape.

A lot of detail work goes into the production of a bamboo bike. Lots of sanding and filing happening here.

Eric was very excited about this project. He intently listened to every word and direction, he could not get the smile off his face. When I asked what he thought about the process, his response was, “this is awesome”.

Filing in some spots was a real challenge, but they managed.

The plan for the week is to make two bamboo bikes. With all the hard work the students are putting into the process this should not be a problem.


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