Back to China!

February 2, 2011

The ninth grade Four Point crew met for the second time last night to cover some specific topics.

Mrs. Whittington demonstrated the best way to pack up the ol suitcase. (remember, its not having the space on the way over, it’s having room for gifts, souveniers etc on the way back!)

Mr. Baker reminded us all again of the difference between a tourist and a traveler. Our charge is to take it all in, immerse ourselves in the culture and avoid distractions. No technology during day trips.

We talked about the importance of hand sanitizer (a good traveling companion), and packages of kleenex (an even better traveling companion!). You don’t want to get caught in a public restroom in China without them and after the meeting kleenex is my new American Express card.

We also discussed the importance of drinking only bottled water and avoiding ice cubes and foods that require washing. Boiled drinks (tea) are fine, and I’m sure we’ll enjoy our share of tea while abroad.

Finally, Mrs. Whittington talked about money logistics and the idea of a nice gift for host families. Our host families in China will love to learn about our students’ families, where they’re from and small gifts that reflect this are always well received.

We are all looking forward to this weekend’s meeting with students and parents. Until then.

Tucker Kimball


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