Back In the Saddle

March 26, 2012

Hi Guys!

Sorry I haven’t Glogged in FOREVER… I’ve been busy doing stuff I plan on talking about in this post. It seemed like a long break on the calendar, but it is now four days past, and I am getting back in the grind of things.

So because I normally ramble on forever, and to save some time and space displaying the awesome break I had, here is a list of some of the things I did…

-Went on a 9 day excursion which will stay in my memories for many years to come…

-Went to races every weekend…

-Trained during the week…

-Got Sunburned while watching my sister race at a post season event (Where did the winter go? I think it’s coming back this week)

-Got my License!


-Got my senior four point accepted, and started planning out my trip (I’ll let you guys know what I’m doing a bit later)

-Checked out the new Library (Absolutely Amazing!)

I wouldn’t have given up any of my break for anything, that’s for sure. For now, I’m back to homework for 9 more weeks. Time to get to Road biking.

Have a great week,




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