Back in Bethel

November 3, 2009

After several days out of town, it’s GREAT to be back in Bethel. I missed the students and the animals! I’m pretty fresh back, so I don’t have much to report quite yet.

Grazing Pigs

Our piglets are now about 3 weeks old, and are growing like… like baby pigs! Though they’re still nursing, they’re also munching on anything they can get into their mouth. They enthusiastically eat grain, cracked corn, grass, and dirt! Yes, they gobble up dirt. Pigs get a lot of needed minerals from rooting in the soil. I suspect our little piglets are learning to root and right now their young pallets are not very discriminating!

I was glad that several students and faculty kids dropped by the barn Sunday afternoon. The piglets and Spotty were out gazing, and it was time for them to go back into the barn. The young “pigherds” herded most of the youngsters into the barn, and Spencer S. managed to catch the last 2. An unhappy piglet, as you may know, can make some incredible noise! Though they do enjoy an occasional scratching, they were not fans of being picked up! We’ll have to work on that.

Until next week,

Sending out a Happy Birthday to both of Reiley’s grandmas!


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