Away with the Boys

February 3, 2011

So does anyone know where Truckee is…? Half way between Reno and Lake Tahoe is the easy answer.

Well that’s where I am, with 3 Boardercrossers, Cole, Jonathan and James. We’re here for them to compete in three races. Two Holeshot races at Alpine Meadows and a Revolution Tour race on Monday at Boreal. Today was training day at Alpine M’s, and the boys did well. For all of them this is a new experience, racing at a high level against some of the top riders in the country, who are competing for World Cup spots.

Tomorrow is time trials, and this will give our riders a real indication of where they stack up. A great learning experience.

I know what your all asking….! “How do I get as it happens news of how Cole, Jonathan and James are doing…??”

Well, there are two ways…… Go to to and find the SBX Men at the Holeshot event. All things going to plan, this site gives, as it happens results. Click here to get straight there.

Or, follow @ridegould on Twitter, where I will be posting for the whole trip. Our hashtag will be #tahoebx

I don’t have a picture to post…….BUT…….hit this link to take a look at our day today in Alpine Meadows (scroll around the pic to get a 360 view). Enjoy.

Until next week


Chris Davies


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