Autumn leaves are falling…

October 16, 2011

Hello again everybody!

This morning I finally had a sleep in day.(YES!) Yesterday, as you all probably know, we had college prep and I took the PSATs with all of the Junior class. On thursdays, my Mom has a faculty meeting so I ride in with her at the usual time (7:20) at eat my breakfast. No rest for a faculty day student.

I’ve been ready to go skiing for a long, long time, and I’m really excited because as I write this, the seasons are finally changing! As I look outside my window, I’ve been noticing more and more yellow leaves, and barren trees. Unfortunately this leads to raking, which I’ll be doing really soon…

Yes, this picture was taken this morning! I love these colors!

Also, it has been getting a lot colder! We’ve already racked up two separate nights sub-freezing, which means that the snow will be coming soon! Good thing for all of us skiers! I really noticed this in depth on Friday, with another one of Mr. Southam’s adventure mountain bike rides… It was pouring rain, it was cold, our toes were frozen but when I got back all I could do was smile! (The hot cocoa helps…a lot!)


Hope you all have a great week!



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