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Kungfu and Cultural Differences

March 25, 2015
Today started off with a trip to the Chinese Wushu Association for a demonstration and instruction of traditional Chinese Kungfu.  The athleticism was extraordinary, and the national champions were very patient while providing an informative…Read More

A Showcase of the Diversity of the Yunnan Province

March 21, 2015
Today the group and host siblings visited the Yunnan Nationalities Village, a park dedicated to celebrating the ethnic diversity of this region. While 98% of the country’s people are of Han descent, the Yunnan province…Read More

A Day With The Dinosaurs

March 20, 2015
The group joined back up this morning after our students’ first night with their host families.  Spirits were high, and we piled onto buses headed for a school-wide field trip to the Lufeng Dinosaur Museum – MountainDay…Read More

Arrived in Kunming!

March 19, 2015
We arrived safely and on time to Kunming after an uneventful flight. Kids wrote in their journals and slept on the 3 1/2 hour flight from Beijing. The school we are visiting, the Kunming Foreign…Read More

Students Tell Adaptations of Ancient Myths

November 11, 2014
Kiernan takes center stage in front of the fire. Students in the course Developing a Historic Imagination gathered in Ordway Living Room Sunday night to tell their modern adaptations of the myths of Ancient Greece.Read More

Ross Kauffman Returns to Gould Classrooms

November 4, 2014
Ross Kauffman, an Academy Award-winning documentary film director, returned to the Gould campus on Monday, November 3. He visited classes and in the evening answered questions after a showing of his new film, E-Team –…Read More

Welcome to Xi’an, officially

March 24, 2014
This weekend the Gould students had a wonderful time with their host families. The families provided an excellent experience for our students, sharing different aspects of Chinese culture and daily life. Donnie went to a…Read More