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Classes and Temples in Quanzhou

March 24, 2014
We all had a great Monday here in Quanzhou!! Students returned from weekends with their host families with lots of stories to tell. Most of the them were able to meet up on Saturday night…Read More


March 20, 2014
 We have arrived in Quanzhou!! We arrived just a little awhile ago and we were greeted at the airport by our hosts. Everyone is looking forward to the next week here in Quanzhou and getting…Read More

One Last Night.

February 27, 2011
Tonight was our last night of sophomore four point. The bamboo bike was finished before dinner, and was rode around the dining hall all evening. The encaustics paintings were hung for all to enjoy. The…Read More


February 26, 2011
Friday night Karaoke. Students had a blast singing to songs they knew and some they didn’t. The highlight of the evening would have to be Nate singing “I feel like a woman” by Shania Twain.…Read More

An Evening with CJ and Dustin

This evening CJ Lewis and Dustin Holzweiss presented to the sophomore class. Dustin presented first. While some of his students this week already had the opportunity to de bone a chicken, tonight he taught us…Read More

Day Three of Workshops

A new group of students began working in new workshops today. After two days of hard work in the first workshops, students switched it up and tried something completely different than the previous workshop they…Read More

Marty Odlin and The Bamboo Bikes

Marty Odlin, class of 2000, presented his bamboo bikes to the sophomore class. He talked about why he decided to build bamboo bikes, why it is important, and why people want them. Marty is an…Read More

Day Two of Workshops

February 24, 2011
Day two of the workshops started off with a  bang! Students jumped right into working. The blacksmithing studio was filled with fire, hammering, and welding. The sculpture the students have been working on is starting…Read More