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It’s All Over

June 19, 2013
By Sadie It’s weird to think that the last time I blogged, I had just come back from Junior Nationals and was still on spring break. I still had the spring term ahead of me…Read More

Looking Back: Junior Nationals

March 19, 2013
By Sadie Unfortunately, I’m back in Maine. I say unfortunately because I wish I didn’t have to go! Junior Nationals was such a fun, amazing week. I met so many awesome people, skied some of…Read More

Junior Nationals Fairbanks

March 14, 2013
A quick photo update from Fairbanks: The opening organizers meeting.  Birch Hill has a beautiful, modern facility and the organizing committee is doing world class work. A panorama (click to enlarge) of the stadium –…Read More

We’re here!!!

March 11, 2013
By Sadie Yesterday, we skied the skate course for today’s race. It’s a challenging course with the first kilometer all downhill with some tight turns. There’s a lot of climbing after that and then some…Read More

Almost there….

March 9, 2013
By Sadie One more flight! I’m currently sitting in the Anchorage airport for another three hours (wishing I had an earlier flight…) It’s been a really long day and I’m so looking forward to getting…Read More

The Busy Time of Year

February 25, 2013
By Sadie Gould on Monday morning: With only one week left in the winter term, I’m looking back at all that has happened in the past two months and wondering where time has gone. I…Read More

Flying Moose 20km Classic

February 24, 2013
Today at Pine Hill, the Bethel Outing Club took the wheel and hosted the annual (world famous!) 20km Flying Moose Classic.  We entered our whole team, most of whom toed the line for their first…Read More

Maine ITS (Integrated Trail System)

February 6, 2013
Gould took a short ride up to Grafton Notch State Park for a 2 hour adventure today.  It was a pretty awesome ski. Sled dogs were getting ready to go for a run where we…Read More

Sassi Memorial Results

January 27, 2013
The Sassi Memorial 5k at Black Mountain is the biggest high school race in Maine, and it is the qualifier for the New England J2 Championships. We knew Sadie was having a good one without…Read More