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May 19, 2015
It came to my attention that my glog, 47, had some issues being viewed so I updated some things and reposted it! What do the numbers 18, 384, 749 and 1114 have in common? Those…Read More

6 a.m. at Gould

May 12, 2015
All along the beach you can hear the speculations, “Will it be a quadruple today? Three sounds like a good number to me.”  Everyone keeps the talking down and pointed away from Mr. Siekman, so we…Read More


April 20, 2015
What do the numbers 47, 413, 778 and 1143 have in common? Those are the number of days until graduation for Gould students. And it’s settling in for us seniors that in a little over…Read More

Fourpoint Throwback!

March 4, 2015
In my four years at Gould I’ve been on quite a few four points. Okay maybe only four, but they account for 31 days of the Gould experience (not including senior four point). So this week as the…Read More

More to come…

February 24, 2015
Good evening Gloggers! This glog post is the stand in for a glog post that will be posted tomorrow. But I figured that as long as I get my glog in before Mr. Alford we…Read More

The February Blues

February 17, 2015
T-9 class days till March Break. An entire month (for us seniors that is) of sleeping, eating, huddling by the fire, visiting colleges, and generally waiting for spring to come (finally!). But separating us and…Read More

What a day to be a husky!

February 11, 2015
I apologize. It’s Wednesday, not Monday. Oh well… Today was the nordic NEPSAC (or the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council for those who were curious) championships hosted by Gould at both Pine Hill and right…Read More

More than friends: The Ultimate Bromance

February 2, 2015
Happy Monday! This week I’d like to present another quintessential friendship on campus. Max and Evan are both four-year seniors with arguably the strongest bromance on campus. Both are on the nordic and road cycling teams,…Read More

A Gould Nordic Specialty

January 26, 2015
Hello y’all! Today I’m going to give you a glimpse into a different side of nordic at Gould… At Gould nordic we do more than just ski. Sometimes we invent other ways to enjoy the…Read More