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China Packing List

February 7, 2013
Here is the suggested packing list for the trip…. China Packing List 2013 9th grade Four-Point Luggage •One medium size suitcase or duffel bag (to be checked through to Beijing) •One carry-on (backpack for daily…Read More

Parents’ Weekend China Trip Meeting

I am looking forward to seeing you this Saturday at 10:30, after the morning assembly. We will gather in the Ordway Living Room (upstairs Ordway) to discuss the trip, packing, and logistics. Please review the…Read More

China Trip Update

January 29, 2013
This is the information that was sent out earlier this month.  Click the image to download the information.  Please remember to email Martha Whittington if you approve the money exchange for the trip.  We will…Read More

A Warm Welcome in Quanzhou

February 22, 2012
“Welcome to China! Welcome to our school!” That was the message from the 3000 students, in unison, as they were assembled in the schoolyard for our welcoming ceremony.  The day started in grand fashion with…Read More

Chengdu 2 School Days

February 24, 2011
Today we spent a full day in school, visiting classes, answering a multitude of questions, and learning more about Chinese culture.  The kids relived their early school days with recess after lunch as everyone headed…Read More

Basketball Diplomacy

February 23, 2011
Having last seen our students as they were whisked away by their host families at the airport, it was great to see them all this morning at the school.  There was much excited talk about…Read More

Sorted Money and the Long Wait

February 17, 2011
The yuan have been sorted and distributed, with many students choosing to have the adults hold on to the money– at least until we get to Beijing.  Probably a good choice for some! This is…Read More

Gearing Up.

February 2, 2011
We are gearing up for the China trip that departs two weeks from today (or tonight!).  Last night’s meeting with the frosh addressed packing needs and a quick overview of the trip.  Much of this…Read More