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Leggings aka “Comfy Pants”

November 2, 2015
Each morning I brace myself when I walk into my daughter’s room.  She is either emptying her closet or choosing some ridiculous outfit that a) does not fit her and b) is not suited for…Read More

Hello from Mrs. Stack

October 26, 2015
Since I got the good new from Mrs. Lambert that I was selected to Glog this year, I have been searching for a theme… something to tie my posts together.  I do not think I can…Read More

Busy Last Day in Xi’an

March 26, 2014
We started the day by visiting the primary school classrooms in two groups. We introduced ourselves to the students by sharing some of our interests and then we reviewed the names of different body parts…Read More

A Close Call With Security…

March 25, 2014
Just joking – there was no trouble with security. Check out the photo below. Don’t worry. They don’t allow people in to the actual excavation pits! Today’s highlight was hands-down seeing the famous terra-cotta warriors,…Read More