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Here we go!!!

June 3, 2013
Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share a quick picture that I’m really excited about. After a nice assembly presenting the underclassmen awards, we walked out after a long few hours of very extreme weather (winds…Read More

Everyone, Meet Mr. Zee Krstic!

May 20, 2013
Hi Everyone! For my glog this week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Zee, a fellow glogger! Unfortunately I couldn’t get a video together, but here are Zee’s thoughts on books, desert islands and life…Read More


May 13, 2013
Hi everyone! So, yesterday we hosted our home race, and had some great results. If any of you were in Bethel, you know that the weather was not so great. I’ll let you know that…Read More

Record Store Day 2013!

April 22, 2013
Hi everyone! I know we’re all coming off of a long, hectic week. I know I am. So here’s my glog post, which I also didn’t do last Sunday. I’m really sorry! I’m sure that…Read More

Last? First? I’m not sure…

April 8, 2013
Hi everybody! I hope you all had a great break, and that you are enjoying the weather wherever you might be. I know I am! As you know, our first week back has come and…Read More

“I (We) Wanna go fast!!!”

February 18, 2013
Hello Everyone! This week, I bring you good news, and great stories! I spent the week travelling (gone from class tuesday, wednesday, and one class on Friday) so that I could race with the Prep…Read More

After a busy week

February 11, 2013
This week went by, day after day When we all heard the weatherman “Oh WOW, did he say?…” Fifteen inches of snow, two feet at the most! “I hope for a snowday!”, says my friend’s…Read More