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Smile For The Camera

December 9, 2015
After hearing about all the recent travel plans on the Glog from Mr.Penley and those Freshmen getting excited for the trip ahead. It reminded me of my four point adventure and other trips I have…Read More

Memorable Moments

December 3, 2015
The time has come, Snowball is just around the corner. The trees were cut this morning by Winter Outing Club and lined up in front of Bingham. The girls have had their dress group Facebook…Read More

Halfway There

November 11, 2015
Exam week at Gould is one of the most stressful times of the year. Its more difficult than deciding what pair of skis to get or how to decorate your room. Exam week is when…Read More

When I say sleep

November 4, 2015
Hypnotism is the state when a person loses power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. A hypnotist can make the average person believe they are Taylor Swift or Bruno Mars…Read More

Are You Brave Enough

October 28, 2015
Are you going to the Ghoullog? The most asked question of the week was who was going and who was not. If you were scared? If you had watched the videos or heard the stories from…Read More


October 21, 2015
Hello. I am Elise Leary-Forrey, a sophomore on the third floor of Gehring and I will be taking over the Wednesday glog posts this year. I’ve always loved meeting new people and introducing myself to…Read More