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New Opportunities

May 28, 2016
Hey, guys it has been a while since I last made a post. Sorry for the absence this spring has been really busy for me. With a competitive cycling season and many hours logged in…Read More


April 14, 2016
What’s five more miles? The last time I ran something with a set start time and a stopwatch was the presidential fitness mile in middle school. To me, five more miles sounded like something I did…Read More

A new kind of racing

April 7, 2016
I want to say thank you to Izzy Laymen ’16 for letting me get an exclusive interview with her. Skier cross is an emerging sport at Gould Academy. Take the style of boarder cross a sport…Read More


February 17, 2016
We are often spending time waiting for the next event, the next season or sport, the next class. Time waiting in the lunch line, to cross the street, or to get on off the bus.…Read More

Am I centered

February 10, 2016
Why can’t I center pots in ceramics? Is it because my life is not centered, am I not applying enough pressure, or do I not know what I want to create? When creating things in the…Read More

Game On

February 3, 2016
As the Romans once said in Sparta “Let the games begin” With the cry of Holden’s chants, Elly’s megaphone, and fresh snow falling from the sky, this was sure to be a year for the record books.…Read More

Food For Thought

January 27, 2016
My mom sends me packages almost every week. Today I received three new books. Totally disregarding the rest of the contents in the box and the ten o’clock bed time tonight, I cracked open the…Read More

Mountainous Explorations

January 21, 2016
I think all anyone really needs in life is a good adventure. Life it’s self is one big adventure from deciding what sports to play as a little kid to the career you are going…Read More

New Year New Goals

January 13, 2016
Happy New Year. First post of the new year and I got to make it something good. I just kept telling myself that last week as it was ten o’clock Wednesday night and I felt like…Read More

Open Wall Space

December 16, 2015
Dorm room decorations are what makes one part of being a boarding student so special. I mean you get a new room every year, a new chance to decorate and express yourself. Along with decorating…Read More