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Schedule 2015

February 26, 2015
                  Greetings!  As the term is coming to a close, we thought a detailed schedule would help everyone know what to expect and plan ahead.  Below is…Read More

We Do It All, Even Curling.

March 7, 2014
On Wednesday afternoon, we had all sorts of options.  Students could: Work out in the field house Travel to Rumford for “The Marden Challenge” Do yoga with Gould alum Julia Rhinelander ’06 Head up to…Read More

And Bingo Was His Name-O!

March 6, 2014
This class of tenth graders took the Bingo event so seriously. When Laurin Parker was calling the letters and numbers, everyone was quiet and attentive. Perhaps it had something to do with the awesome prizes…?Read More

A Day Spent in the Service of Others

March 4, 2014
That’s right!  After spending all of Sunday thinking about themselves, on Monday, the sophomores spent all day thinking about other people.  Everyone was busy doing something most of the day.  Here are just a few…Read More

Health and Wellness

The tenth graders spent the entire day on Sunday (after a lovely sleep-in) learning and thinking about themselves and how best to take care of their bodies and their minds.  Watching “The Perks of Being…Read More

Kick Off!

Sophomore Four  Point began on Saturday evening with a special event hosted by the Alumni Board.  Although it was a chilly night, all the tenth graders walked up to Mill Hill Inn for dinner.  There…Read More

The Schedule

February 28, 2014
Below is the schedule for the week for sophomore four point!  It is also listed on the infoserver under parents/student downloads.  We are very excited to get started!  See everyone on Saturday night! GOULD ACADEMY…Read More

The Celebratory Dinner!

March 11, 2013
After a week full of hard work, learning and fun, the Sophomore Four Point came to an end.  The food, art and company were amazing.  It’s impossible to catch the full mood of the evening…Read More

The Last Workshop

March 10, 2013
The last two days of the point were wonderful but very busy!  Please excuse the lack of posting.  Below are photos from both Friday and Saturday during the day as well as from Friday night’s…Read More