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Review – USASA Nationals 2014

April 5, 2014
Twenty five years ago Chuck Allen decided there needed to be a Snowboard National Championship, and so was born the USASA National Championships. Since then this event has crisscrossed the country with locations including Telluride…Read More

Snowboard Judging

March 18, 2014
So the Olympics were great, and for my bias mind the Snowboarding was one of the highlights. But for all the good, there was gonna be the critics. And one of their criticisms was the…Read More

FIS Rookies

March 7, 2014
So the first FIS event is in the bag for Gould Academy sophomores Ward Saunders ’16, Mitch Romanowski ’16, Shannon Maguire ’16 and Emma Scheidegger ’16. Two Nor-Am events at Sugarloaf Mountain part of the…Read More

19,000 Words

February 27, 2014
If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words then this blog post is 19,000 words long. I hope you have the fortitude to continue. Enjoy our pictures from USSA Mammoth Rev Tour 2014. Riders Bo Warren…Read More

Dinner With Sage

February 20, 2014
So what’s it like to have dinner with Gold Medalist ? Well in June I got the privilege to do this very thing with ’98 Nagano Winter Olympics Halfpipe Gold medalist Ross Powers, and although…Read More

Sochi Snowboard All Access

February 7, 2014
So the games have begun. Click here for the Official Sochi Snowboard program And below are some links to what I feel are the websites with the best info for the avid Snowboard information getter.…Read More

Snowboarding “SochiMedia”

February 4, 2014
So as many of you know I’m a Social Media nut, (see previous blog “Instagram – Instaride” “Snowboard Quotes” Colin Boyd “A NZ Freeride Story” to name but a few) So I have been watching…Read More

Instagram – Instaride

January 26, 2014
“I’m a social media addict”  There I said it. And I’m happy with that. Wikipedia describes Social Media as “Social media refers to interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and…Read More


January 19, 2014
So the season has been up and down, with powder days, rain, freezing rain, bluebird, and arctic temps. So you might think that with all this weather disruption that Park features would be at a…Read More

What About Bob ?

January 8, 2014
So I don’t love Bob Costas, nor do I dislike him. But has he caused quite a stir in the Snowboard world. See video (snowboard part at 1:17) With comments likening the sport of Slopestyle…Read More