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Gould Prepares for Earth Day

April 19, 2016
Earth Day is Every Day! Gould Academy will celebrate its annual Earth Day on Friday, April 22, with a full day of experiential learning academic programming. During the day students will break into their Advisory…Read More

Last Day in Beijing!

March 27, 2016
Beijing China 2016 Gould Academy Four Point (From Ms. Andreozzi) Our final day couldn’t have been more special! The weather was extraordinary as we spent the morning buying gifts followed by a visit to the Temple of Heaven, journaling in the park,…Read More

Great Wall of China

March 26, 2016
Great Wall China Four Point Gould Academy 2016 NO WORDS….. (From Ms. Andreozzi) No words can capture this incredible experience–simply breathtaking! Your children have been amazing and it was a joy to share this experience with each of them! We have our final…Read More

Last Day in Tanzania!

March 25, 2016
(Written By Mr. Hayward) The day started with a very early wake up to go meet members of the Hadze tribe and go on a hunt with them. We hiked approximately 3.5 miles with them…Read More

Glorious Day in Beijing!

Beijing China Four Point 2016 Beijing Day 2 (Written by Ms. Andreozzi) Blue skies and sunshine, as we toured Beijing with Mr. Penley leading the charge. We started with a walk into Tiananmen Square and made our way into the Forbidden…Read More

Grand Finale in Tanzania!

March 24, 2016
(Sent via inReach by Mr. Hayward) Students were picked up from their homestays and then we all headed toward Lake Eyasi. We visited the Datoga tribe and then on to Madame Lightness Bayo’s vocational school…Read More

From Quanzhou to Beijing

Gould Academy Four Point Beijing 2016 Late Group Moves on to Beijing! (Written by Ms. Andreozzi) All the groups started their day with a flight to Beijing. We all met in the Beijing Airport and it was fun to watch all…Read More