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Drone Footage at Gould

May 22, 2015
Today was the end of our second week before of classes, which means that Chris Jones will be graduating in 14 days!!!! Chris does a ton of cool things outside, and used his drone to get…Read More

Physics Day

May 15, 2015
Physics day is basically when about half the school, (the kids who are taking freshman physics, senior physics, calculus, or biology), go to Funtown Splashtown in Saco, Maine and ride roller coasters do a couple…Read More

Energy at Gould

May 8, 2015
As I mentioned in my last glog, the AP Language and Composition students gave out energy tours on earth day, but these were just a small part of a huge project that we worked on during…Read More

Earth Day @ Gould

May 1, 2015
This past Tuesday, Gould students took the day off from classes to celebrate Earth Day. Juniors started off the day with a college fair, and everyone else got to sleep in. We had three workshops…Read More


April 17, 2015
After having two free periods for the whole year, I decided to fill one of those dots with an art class for the third trimester. I chose blacksmithing mostly because I wanted to make a sword, which…Read More

Intro To Spring

April 10, 2015
The first weeks back from a month long break, during which students did their four points, prepared for spring sports, and finishing up their on-snow seasons. We’re just getting used to the 1.5 hour classes,…Read More

Junior Four Point Advice

February 27, 2015
Before I talk about four point, I just want to say WE DID IT!!! We reached out school spirit challenge goal of raising 100,000 pounds of food!! Also, shoutout to Ryan Clermont, Zach Bouchard, Maddie…Read More

GA Basketball

February 20, 2015
One thing I’ve never written about is the basketball team. While 70% of the school is on the mountain, the other 30% either does yearbook, nordic, individual sports, or basketball. This year I joined the…Read More

Winter Carnival

February 13, 2015
So get ready for A LOT of photos, (and this time I have a good excuse)! This past Tuesday was Winter Carnival, a day filled with sports, competitive games and best of all, NO SCHOOL!!!…Read More