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Four Point + Curriculum = Success!

February 3, 2012
My Human Geography classes are writing research projects in the form of National Geographic articles. A sampling of topics that have been selected: – The memorial aspects of the Terra Cotta army. – Family life…Read More

Getting ready for our trip!

January 31, 2012
Hello I wanted to give you a few picture the ninth graders in class preparing for our adventure to China. Ben and Leon posting about how language can reflect a culture, based upon the book…Read More

Leaving on a jet plane…

March 1, 2011
… don’t know when I’ll be back again. Quote of the Day: “My host is crying…” ~upon leaving Xi’an Foreign Languages School Today is a travel day. Everyone made it back to Beijing and is…Read More

A few sights of Xi’an

February 27, 2011
Quote of the Weekend: “It is snowing hard, I called to make sure you are ok.” ~ our guide/one of XFLS’s English teachers calling us after he had left and we had set off on…Read More

The Story of a Beijing Sunday

February 20, 2011
Quote of the Day: “Whenever I walk into a sacred space I have to pee.” – A young man in search of a bathroom. We had yet another busy, busy day here in Beijing. After…Read More

Great Day at the Great Wall

February 19, 2011
To steal an idea from Doug Alford: Quote of the Day: “Is that a Pizza Hut?… Win! win!” ~ a student on our drive through Beijing this morning After a great night of sleep at…Read More

Airport Time!

February 17, 2011
Just a quick update from the Bean-town Airport.  We had a safe drive down from Bethel this morning.  The bus showed up a bit early and we were loaded and off by 2 am!  We…Read More