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freshmen year coming to a close

May 21, 2011
I’m excited to inform you that today is the last official class day of my 9th grade year. After today, we head full-speed into exam week, graduation, and SUMMER! I don’t have much to say…Read More

Freshman Update:

April 21, 2011
As we’re swiftly approaching mid-terms (grades are released Saturday!), the work load for freshman has gotten heavier. Teachers are loading us up to make the best of the spring term but for me, I never…Read More

The Dreaded Day

April 8, 2011
To all those who went to China, today seems to be the conclusion of the whole experience. By the end of today every freshmen will have showed their digital story to their English teacher. My…Read More

Hello from China!

February 22, 2011
Hi everybody! We arrived in China 4 days ago and have already experienced so much. The first night we were all exposed to our very first authentic Chinese meal. I think most people were surprised…Read More

Countdown to China!

February 9, 2011
In a week and a day, we will be departing on our epic journey around the world to China! From what I’ve heard, most people are very excited, but nervous. Personally, I’m a mix of…Read More