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Class of 2018 – College Counseling Review

July 30, 2018
  A class of deep thinkers, talented artists, gifted athletes, songful musicians, life-long learners, eager leaders, caring friends, and now: prepared, college-bound graduates. Since their first day at Gould in 2014, the Class of 2018…Read More

Gould U14’s at Les Deux Alpes

July 20, 2018
  Gould skiers train all year round! A group of U14 athletes just returned from a ten-day training camp in Les Deux Alpes, France. With the perfectly groomed conditions and the ample terrain that Les Deux had…Read More

Guest Glog: Brooke Kelly ’16

May 8, 2016
23 things I learned at Gould that will help with the survival of a first year away from home: 1. Embrace orientation- this is when you’ll meet your first (and maybe closest!) friends 2. Find…Read More

Recycled Magazines!

April 22, 2016
Hello followers, and sorry for not writing for so long! With the new website being put in place, there was a while where I couldn’t access the Glog, but I’m back! Incase you didn’t already know,…Read More


March 4, 2016
Hola glogitos and glogitas! As the junior class is concluding their 6th day in the woods, I’ve been reminiscing about my Junior 4-Point experience. I’ve been thinking about the ups: when we got to the…Read More

Gould Makes History!

February 19, 2016
Hey gloggies! This winter I have been taking a history elective called Maine History, taught by Mr. Newell. This class has focused on different time periods ranging from 1500 to present day. We have done…Read More

A Perfect Routine

February 12, 2016
Saturday is my favorite day of the week. My Typical Saturday: 6:30 AM – Alarm goes off 6:55 AM – Small Breakfast 7:15 AM – Drive to Sunday River 8:00-11:00 AM – Ski Training 11:30…Read More

Brooke, Brookie, Brooklyn, River, Stream?

February 5, 2016
I have always thought that having a twin would be so cool. Someone to share clothes with, birthday’s with, pictures with, someone to graduate Kindergarten with, high school with, someone to experience all the major…Read More

First Ever Mobile Post

January 29, 2016
Hi glog-viewers!   Tonight I’m posting from my phone because I don’t have access to my computer. It seems ever so fitting because this is social media, and most of social media is viewed on…Read More

Change is a Good Thing

January 23, 2016
**Prepare yourself for another “What Brooke’s been thinking” post** Okay. So, as we inch closer and closer to graduation, I’ve been feeling like I’m getting old. I know, those adults reading this are scowling at…Read More