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The Greatest Sitcom Ever Created

November 26, 2015
Lying at home in a turkey filled stupor, I can’t write anything of much relevance for you, but what I still can do is recommend the greatest sitcom ever created.  And no, I’m not talking…Read More

Thoughts From Quebec

November 19, 2015
It has been a very productive week here in Quebec.  I’m at Foret Montmorency with the Nordic team having a grand old time playing in the snow.  I can hardly think of a place I’d…Read More

Snapshots From Exam Week

November 12, 2015
Exam week has almost come to a close.  You might even be able to hear it in my writing, but I, like many of my classmates, am exhausted.  It has been a very long week,…Read More

Achieving Greatness

November 5, 2015
Summer time in Bethel can be a bit slow.  It’s beautiful and I love living here, I really do, but sometimes you’ve gotta get a little bit creative in order to find fun things to…Read More

Dealing With Pitfalls

October 29, 2015
Mass start ski races are chaos.  They’re always chaos.  Snow flies everywhere, ski poles come uncomfortably close to your face,  and the likelihood of getting caught in some sort of pileup is very high.  Try…Read More