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It Feels Pretty Good

May 25, 2011
I started off the year by writing about how most of the technology of this world has been taken over true inspiration and writing.  I want to end the year by honoring that.  During this…Read More


May 11, 2011
It’s been a long time since I’ve written a Glog but there are only a few opportunities left so I found it necessary.  I don’t really know what to write about so I guess I’ll…Read More

Sunny Days

April 20, 2011
Hey everyone that reads this blog, sorry I’ve been so absent for the past two weeks.  Can someone please comment on this post and tell me when it is supposed to get nice in Bethel. …Read More


April 6, 2011
Sorry readers but I am very busy and I really can’t think of what to write about. Next Time!Read More

I Love College

March 23, 2011
I was thinking a couple days ago with my friends that for the first time in a while when we all go to college, all the people around us will be completely new faces.  People…Read More

Some Music and Lacrosse

February 16, 2011
The week is almost coming to an end, break is almost finally here.  For the senior class, we have a whole month off, in order to work on senior four point, an also to just…Read More

Warm Things Up a Little

February 2, 2011
How is it still cold?  This kind of cold makes me miss the feeling of getting in your hot car fighting to get the AC on all the way while your clothes stick to your…Read More

Feels Good to be Back

January 26, 2011
First off, I just want to apologize for being so behind with my Glog’s.  Unfortunately I have been sick over the last couple weeks and the luck just wasn’t with me.  It seemed like every…Read More

Thank You 2011

January 5, 2011
So welcome back!  I’m sure monday and tuesdays blogs already talked about how it feels to be back, and the highlights of their vacation, so I’m going to talk about something different and a little…Read More

Take a Look

December 22, 2010
I hope everyone is having a great break, because I know I am. It was such a feeling of relief to be on break and away from the chaos of the academy. My all time…Read More