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Oh, the places you’ll go

May 18, 2012
Hello and happy Friday! As many of you may have noticed, graduation is nearly upon us. I’m so excited I can hardly wait, but at the same time, it’s a little scary. Our first marching…Read More

Ode to Strava

May 4, 2012
Hello again, If there’s anything that this last week has taught me, it’s that Strava (a free cycling app in which you can compete with other cyclists for achievements on certain segments of road) has…Read More

Sleeping socks

April 20, 2012
Happy Friday! It’s getting later and later, and I just allowed myself to climb all the way into bed in full pajamas and almost fall comfortably asleep before realizing that I forgot to write a…Read More

68 miles later…

April 13, 2012
Happy Friday everyone! On Tuesday, I thought we had a pretty exciting cycling practice, and I was literally thinking about what to write here while I was pedaling along North Road. To start with, we…Read More

Symptoms of Senioritis

March 30, 2012
Hello Everyone, Happy Friday! I thought I’d take some time this week to talk about the emotional/psychological roller coaster that my fellow seniors and I are currently hurtling along. It’s the final stretch–almost exactly 2…Read More

Virginia is for Cyclists

March 9, 2012
Happy Friday, everyone! This week, I’m writing to you from a timeshare resort in McGaheysville, Virginia. I’m currently surrounded by the few brave souls from the GA cycling team who dared suffer the 12+ hour…Read More

Free to four point…. or go home

February 17, 2012
Everybody, it’s here. The day is finally upon us. At one o’clock today, you will be done with your last class of winter term. How does it feel? Freshmen aren’t even reading this right now.…Read More


February 10, 2012
Happy Friday, everyone! Unfortunately, I once again find myself in the position of having to say that this is my first Glog post in  a while. I apologize — I’ll try to make up for…Read More

Looking ahead to Monday

January 13, 2012
Hi Everybody, This is my first blog post in quite some time, due to a combination of forgetfulness, writers block, and too much homework. But I’m trying to get back on my glogging grind, so…Read More

Spirit week

December 9, 2011
Happy fake Friday! This week has been a fun one — mostly because it’s been spirit week. That means that Wednesday we all dressed in dorm colors… Yesterday was twin day. And today each of…Read More