October 18, 2013

After an easy flight over and a short car ride, we have entered a valley hidden by giant jagged mountains that I can imagined were high but I could not quite see how high and far the mountains were or went. An unusual blizzard had struck Stubai and the snow didn’t stop until a meter had fallen. Right outside of our hotel is a tall and gorgeous waterfall that has a path leading up to it which Parker and I plan to hike in the upcoming days. We are staying in a beautiful hotel called the Gasteigerhof. It is ten minutes from the hill, although I seemingly enjoy the ten minute drive through tunnels and the sky-scraping mountains. We walk into the base of the first gondola and stand their along with a hundred other eager europeans, each one ready to push and shove to get on the gondola first. When the clock hits eight A.M the gate is open and the charge begins. I imagine if someone were to be watching at a birds eye view it would look like a herd of cattle trying to run through a narrow gate to get out of their pen. It is an all out brawl to the front of the line and little kids seem to be the most aggressive, not hesitating to run between your legs if they have the chance. The first gondola ride is what made me fall in love with Stubai, It takes you about one hundred plus feet off of the ground across a steep valley full of rivers, waterfalls, cliffs, and animal tracks. After a  fifteen minute gondola ride you have successfully reached the glacier. The scene at the mountain ranges from little kids skiing brushes to work cup athletes getting ready for Solden.



There is courses and courses set across hills and hills, it is a never ending world of preparation. Athletes from all over the world come here to prepare for the season ahead, I have rode up the T-bar with athletes from Sweden, France, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and of course KMS and CVA whom I have been training with. Even with the Soft snow I have made a lot of progress in my skiing. I have been revisiting things that were worked on in Chile and my muscle memory seems to be fully in tact. We have had five days on snow so far with two days of training slalom and three very productive days of freeskiing and drills. I made the switch from slalom to giant slalom today and will continue with GS until the camp is over. I will be training Giant slalom tomorrow. So far it has been an amazing camp and I have made a lot of progress with my skiing, my confidence is up coming into the season which seems to always help in this sport. I have three days left of skiing and Parker and I are looking to make the most out of it!

-Peter Fordyce


Peter in Innsbruck


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