Road Cycling Coasts to Athletes of the Month Sweep for May

June 6, 2017

In the month of May, our cyclists won the New England Road Cycling League Championship. Both of our most recent Athletes of the Month are on that team.

Lindsey Lucas ’18

Road Cycling

From coach Katie Casey:

Notable athletic performances come in all kinds. Lindsey had a tough ski season because of some injuries. She missed some early-season riding because of Comp Alpine commitments and lingering injuries, and it’s hard to switch gears when a season is already underway. Lindsey jumped right in, and earned Girls C finishes of 5th, 4th, and she won three races, including both time trials, which earned her the Girls C category champ for the season. She didn’t score the most points of any of our girls, but Lucas worked hard, dug deep and played a very important team role. She anchored the C-girls four-person Team Time Trial, and she helped show the less-experienced girls how to navigate a pace line in practice and work together in races. This is clearly evidenced by how she and 9th-grader, Taylor Mull used speed, perseverance, and aggressive tactics to crush the C-race at the finals.

Donnie Seib ’17
Road Cycling

From coach Katie Casey:

Donnie Seib has been an excellent rider for the cycling team this spring. His enthusiasm for cycling and competing combined with his experience and commitment to training has enhanced the experience of his fellow riders. He encouraged others to train hard and push their fitness and racing during training.

He competed at the boy A level which comprised of the top high school cyclist in New England and was able to achieve top ten results which resulted in a third place overall finish for the New England Road Cycling League.

Congrats Lindsey & Donnie, and to the whole cycling team on your championship season!


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