April 26, 2014

Hello Glog viewers,

I apologize for the absence of my writing…


Spring has FINALLY sprung! (knock on wood…) Here on campus, the weather gets warmer, people break out of their winter hibernation, and fun is had by all.

However, another thing the Spring brings is AP exams, SAT’s and ACT’s. DUN DUN DUN!!

Like my creative title? Pretty much my thoughts right about  now.

As a Junior, and as a prospective student interested in attending college, I am forced to take all these silly (actually not so silly) tests. The stress overload is through the roof. In fact, the stress level is through the roof, has pierced the atmosphere, and has made it all the way to Pluto.

A few weekends ago my grade took the ACT’s and the results came out Friday (a lot of mixed emotions). And on May 3rd (woohoo my birthday!) we get to take the SAT’s. Wow BEST birthday present ever…
Finger’s crossed that we all do well!

We had our first college fair on Thursday and so many schools were there! I’m sure some kids have a more clear idea of where they would like to go. I mean, nothing is set in stone yet but talking to some representatives was easier than I thought!

My advice for everyone, whether you’re Juniors or not, is to relax, keep calm, and everything will fall into place when it will. Everything happens for a reason!

See you next week!

Yogi Tea Quote #7
“Take life as it comes. Run when you have to, fight when you must, and rest when you can.”


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