Art Workshops Announced for 10th Grade Four Point

February 6, 2020

Tenth Grade Four Point is about service and expression. Students partake in service projects and engage with the local community, but they also get an introduction to the rich art community in Maine.

Welding Art Workshops
Lauren Head looks on while Auburn ’21 works on their welding project.

Each year local artists are invited to the school to run intense, multi-day art workshops in media as diverse as silver and blacksmithing to fashion design and circus arts. Whether they ultimately pursue a career in the arts or become lifelong appreciators, 10th Grade Four Point serves to jumpstart students’ artistic lives. The workshops encourage them to take risks and empower them with new skills for expression.

“Tenth Grade Four Point is an introduction to what it means to have art in your community,” says veteran visual arts teacher Lauren Head. “It’s a chance for students to connect with creative thinkers and to work with artists who are the masters of their craft. They work in mindful ways while exploring a sense of place and a sense of self, and they learn to think in new creative ways.”

Gould is excited to announce this year’s visiting artists and the art workshops they will be running below.

“They work in mindful ways while exploring a sense of place and a sense of self, and they learn to think in new creative ways.”

Visual Arts Teacher

2020 Art Workshops

Plasma Cutting in Art Workshops
Ziner and a student are protected behind welding masks while using the plasma cutter.

Metal Sculpture with Eric Ziner

Eric Ziner is a metal artist from Deer Isle, Maine. Students learn welding and blacksmithing in his metal sculpture workshop. As he puts it, “Within five minutes, fear turns to opportunity, and imagination is the hardest thing to control.”

Woodworking Art Workshops
Bruce gives Lydia ’21 some pointers on woodworking.

Dovetail Boxmaking with Bruce Bulger

Bruce Bulger is an artist and woodworker, also from Deer Isle, Maine. He uses the physical lab in the IDEAS Center to teach students about hand-cut joinery and how to make their own custom, dovetail boxes.

Woodcut by David Wolfe
Woodcut by David Wolfe

Printmaking with David Wolfe

David Wolfe from Portland, Maine, is a master printmaker who collects vintage and antique working letterpresses at Wolfe Editions. Students learn the craft of relief printmaking and their carvings are used to design posters and T-shirts.

Fashion Design Art Workshops
Alexa ’07 assists Frank ’21 with his sewing machine.

Fashion Design with Alexa Stark ’07

Alexa Stark ’07 is a clothing designer who creates sustainable fashion in Portland, Oregon. Students repurpose vintage fabric from local thrift shops and learn techniques to create their own new garments.

Students model their amazing fashion creations.
Students have fun modeling their fashion designs

Basketmaking with Geo Neptune ’06

Geo Soctomah Neptune is a master Passamaquoddy basket maker and was named one of 50 Mainers by Maine Magazine in 2018. Students will learn how to weave a basket using Wabanaki knowledge and traditional materials sourced from Maine.

Circus Arts, fabric aerial art workshops

Circus Arts with Erin Lovett Sherman

Erin Lovett Sherman is a dancer and choreographer and is the director of ARTFEST, a circus arts education program and performance company. Students learn and perform fabric aerials, juggling, acrobatics, and more.

En Plein Air Art Workshops
Sophie ’20 gets feedback from Cooper while painting en Plein air.

Oil Painting with Cooper Dragonette

Cooper Dragonette is a landscape oil painter working in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Students are able to take advantage of Bethel’s beautiful surroundings as subjects of their work.


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