April 12, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone!

I know that Zee just wrote about “The Call,” but I have to share another movie with you. It’s called “Argo,” and I have to say I loved it. It is a suspense movie that had me sitting forward, with my jaw dropped, staring at the screen for the whole film. It’s about the 1980 revolution in Iran and the hostage situation. But the main story is about the six Americans in the American Embassy that escape and go to the home of the Canadian Ambassador.

This movie was fantastic. I cannot stress it enough! I highly suggest each and every one of you to go rent it. Actually, you might as well buy it because it’s so good. Ben Affleck had the performance of his career! He plays the main character who has to formulate a plot to get the six Americans out of the country without being captured and executed.,0,214,317_.jpg


This is the second weekend back at the Academy, and the juniors are already being thrown back into the swing of things. We have the ACT test tomorrow. So, parents, if your son/daughter is a junior, feel free to send him/her a package with some food or baked goods!


Until Next Week,



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  1. Avatar doug alford says:

    I agree, Alec. It was a terrific, well made movie and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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