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December 4, 2012

I know, I know, I know…just because it was vacation, doesn’t mean that I couldn’t post. I have been an awful Glogger, and I apologize.

But… (drumroll, please).

I have been so busy and so much has happened in the last two weeks since exams that I don’t know if I can fit it all into this one post (unless, of course, y’all want to be reading for like half of the next millennium). I’ll give you the condensed version, and if you want the longer version, well then by all means text me or email me (just be ready for a novel).

So…EXAMS. Did ‘em. It was so weird to think that these were some of the last high school exams I would ever take in my life. But, to be honest, that was all more the reason to do well on them. The new exam schedule had us all mixed up and I faced two of my toughest classes on Thursday (Nov 15th, I know it was a LONG time ago). I have never been more stressed in my entire high school career than that exam week, and that says something.

If you know me, then you know I’m the kinda person to look for a silver lining. Well, for exam week, the silver lining wasn’t hard to find. At 11:23 (to be exact) on Wednesday night, in the midst of all my studying and freaking out, I received an email from Rutgers University: I was in!

It was a nice little perk, and it even distracted me from hyperventilating for a solid thirty minutes. I went into my first exam day, and even though it was awful (sorry to be so candid, DC and Ms. Eaton), I survived. Fast forward another twenty four hours and I anxiously waited for around five hours to access my decision from the University of Georgia. After I was finally able to log into my account, the first thing I saw was virtual fireworks (no kidding). I guessed that UGA wouldn’t give you fireworks if they just broken your heart, and I was right. Another acceptance.

I finished up exam week and went home feeling good that I gave it my all. My reward? I checked my mailbox and inside was a large envelope from Arizona State University: another yes!

So, what’s the first thing I did after a week of excruciating mental pain and the discovery of two gray hairs? I ate. A crap load. I don’t think the local Trader Joes had so much business in a twenty four hour period. And then it was Thanksgiving, and I have a dirty confession to make; I ate ONE HALF of the entire turkey. No joke. Skin and all.

Which was totally perfect, seeing as on Friday Nov. 23rd I left the USA and went to the Bahamas. I had the beach bod ready to roll. In all seriousness, I left NYC really early from JFK (why anyone built that airport so far from Manhattan is beyond me) and traveled over three thousand miles to Nassau. The occasion? My eighteenth birthday!

I spent the most amazing three days with my best friend, Natalia ‘Tuti’ Portuondo ’13. If you’ve been reading my posts the last three months, y’all know that I post about this chick a lot. It’s just a best friend thing, I guess. But, anyway, Nassau was beautiful and luxurious and amazing and unbelievable and crazy and a thousand other adjectives. I ate the most delicious food, saw the most beautiful beaches, met the most awesome people, and I turned the big one-eight with the best friend anyone could have. I could post a thousand things about the trip, but in short, I couldn’t have had a better birthday and I want to give a big ol’ shout out to the Portuondo family (especially Sofia ) for the best time ever. That family are the nicest, most generous and authentic people I’ve met in very long time. I can’t thank you guys enough!

And then, before I knew it, I was stepping off the plane and getting slapped in the face by New York’s chilly winter weather. I spent a few days recuperating from the big trip and then I got an email from my boss. Lucky me, huh?


This summer, in lieu of my Senior Fourpoint, I was an intern at New York Moves Magazine, which is a fashion/lifestyle magazine for women and men living in the Tri-State area, but it’s sold in major cities in the US and in Europe. I’ll keep this short as I want to post about this at a later date (after my assembly presentation), but I loved my internship. By the end of the August 2012, after starting in June 2012, I was hired full time by my editor as an Editorial Assistant to the magazine. Basically, I would continue to create content for the magazine while I was at school here in Bethel.

I was published (for my first time ever! crazy, right?) in the Fall fashion issue and once again recently in the Winter ‘Power Women’ issue. I knew that my editor would want to see me once I returned home to give me assignments for the Spring issue, so it was without surprise that I was called into her office this past Thursday. In addition to assignments for the Spring Issue, I was also offered another position!

I’m shamelessly advertising here, but New York Moves magazine is launching a blog for their readers. It’s with pleasure that I’ll be one of three bloggers for their online section of the magazine. I won’t give you too many details just yet, but it will be an extension of what Moves has come to be known for. I am SO excited, happy, and honored to be blogging regularly for the magazine and I can’t wait to share with all of you.


So, that’s it! My vacation in a nutshell. Currently, I’m speeding right along at 102 miles per hour on an Amtrak to Boston, to catch a bus to Portland, and finally meet up with the Gouldies at the airport to go back to Bethel. I’m excited for the winter season and I can’t wait to see all of the students when I get back…I’m sure we all have stories to tell.

Most of all, I feel good about this winter. Things are great and there’s so much more on the way. Be ready, peeps! Here’s wishing you the best winter (and holiday!) season. See you all on the slopes, I hope.


Til next week,



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  1. Avatar Lauren says:

    YOU need to call me asap! Glad you had a great time on your trip. But i wanna hear more! 🙂

  2. Jay Riley Jay Riley says:

    Zee, that is SUPER news about the blogging gig! Good for you, congratulations, and I’m happy you’re so stoked for a great winter term. Welcome back!

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