Apple picking and sushi

October 8, 2014

Hi everyone!

One week has passed quickly and here I am again, exited to tell you about all the fun things I did.

Here’s a short recap of my past week:

Wednesday: Our field hockey team went apple picking as a team-bonding activities. It’s my first time going apple picking. It’s actually harder than I thought. Plus, we got to go around on the golf cart! ( It was going 5 mile / hour , but I felt like it was 100 mile / hour ..)


The field hockey team!


Thursday: Biology test ( sadly it’s not mountain day. Our biology class is very disappointed)

Friday: Oldportttttttttttttt!!! Can you believe that this is my second year here and I’ve never been to Oldport until last Friday ? What was I thinking ? Oldport was AWESOME! They had the BEST FOOD there ( have I mentioned I have a thing for food? ). We went out for sushi, geleto and bought 2 beautiful ceramic mugs on our way back.


Fried oyster


The celebrity of the night: sushi!

Saturday: I ate 5 of Mrs Manning’s Apple Cider Donuts for night snack.. Need I say more ?

Sunday: Catching up on homework. Not. Fun.

Monday: Is today mountain day ?

Tuesday: Why is today NOT mountain day ?

Wednesday: Tomorrow is definitely mountain day!


2 days until the weekend, keep holding on guys!

 – Haylee


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