Any Team, Any Time, Anywhere

March 28, 2013

In order to build a stronger program, the Gould Academy Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse team has sought out the toughest opponents and added them to the our schedule and living by the motto: any team, any time, anywhere.

This afternoon, we hosted Bridgton Academy for our first contest of the season. Bridgton is the only prep school in the country with an entirely postgraduate enrollment. They have an extensive fall ball schedule and play other top prep schools as well as college club and junior varsity teams each year. Why then, you might ask, would we schedule them for a game during preseason camp when all of our players are not back yet? Because we are a better team for the experience.

While the scoreboard showed a 25-7 loss, it didn’t reflect all of the Gould wins on the field today. This was our first time playing under the new NCAA rules, and we learned how we can use them to our advantage future games. At halftime, we added a new defensive set that we had never practiced before and it gave Bridgton’s offense fits while they tried to figure out how to attack it. Our man-up unit scored on three of four extra-man opportunities while we only had one, 30 second technical foul all day. With only four substitute players on the bench and our starting goaltender sidelined with an injury, we took what others might felt was a crushing defeat and turned it into a victory.

After dinner, we gathered as a team to discuss the game and the lessons we learned from it. We’ve identified key areas that need improvement, as well as celebrated the things that we did well today. With three practices left before or next game Friday at Falmouth, and we know what we have to work on and will be ready to sink the Yachtsmen!


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