Another vacation…already?

November 23, 2010

OVERHEARD ON EMAIL (note- I’m in Connecticut right now): Hey Mr. Alford, can you come let me into Bingham?  I forgot my horn and I want to practice over break.

Here we are on vacation again.  Wasn’t it just last month that we had a long weekend?  I know that we’re all busy people, and we work really hard, but honestly; do you think the sheriff of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico gets to take a vacation every month?  I bet if we just kept going to school, without breaks like this one, then we could be done with school by the…..

Wait, what am I saying?

Note to self: Coffee first, THEN blog.

What I really meant to say (Andee, you can stop pinching me now) is that Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  There are all kinds of good reasons to stop your daily activities and change things up, and I can’t think of one that is quite as fulfilling as the idea that we should stop, gather with family and friends, and be thankful for what we have.

And eat.

Eating makes me think of the life-changing meal that I had last week in the North End of Boston, which reminds me of the conference that I went to in Boston, which brings me to the real reason for this post: To tell everyone how cool technology is.

One of the big “hot button” topics of language teaching is talk around the “best practices” in the “cutting edge” use of “technology” to enhance “scaffolding” in the classroom (All of the “quotations” here signify that, at said conference, the title of every “session” all weekend included at least “one” of these special words, and therefore must be “important” or “critical”.  I don’t really know what “scaffolding” means.)

I was smiling all the way through the talks about technology, because the fact was while I was sitting in a conference room in Boston I was also 170 miles away giving a final exam.  My student were typing their exams, contacting me via iChat to ask questions, and sending me their completed documents via Google Docs when they finished.  All this this was made possible due to one “critical” piece of technology, so “cutting edge” that only Gould Academy could boast of it, and this is it: I had Sara Shifrin proctor my exam.

Take that, Holderness.


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  1. Avatar Sara says:

    Ah, the ideas librarians come up with! I am glad to live across the street from the National Ski Patrol trainer so when I clock myself with the hens’ roosting ladder I can call across the street for immediate concussion assessment. Thanks for the RX!

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