Andrew Stancioff to speak to AP Gov students on Mali

November 7, 2014

On December 2 at 7:00pm in Trustees Auditorium Andrew Stancioff will speak to AP Government and other interested students on the crisis in Mali.

Andrew Stancioff is a geologist, natural resource planner, analyst, and manager with 45 years of experience in geology, hydrology, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, climatology, and oceanography. He has worked in North, Central and South America, Europe and South Asia and has 40 years of experience in developing countries and 38 in Africa.


Presentation topic:

“Mali—Why it Happened and What is Mali Like” – Mali is a country created by fiat at the end of the European Colonial period. It is composed of two racially diverse populations that have been at odds for centuries. The south in particular includes many tribes and languages. Islam is the main religion, but it is of a very different brand from that found in the Middle East. There are also large numbers of Catholics and a new phenomenon: protestant evangelicals. For many years, the U.S. has paid lip service to Mali and its needs and focused its attention on the black populations occupying the agricultural south. Since 1980, gold mining has created a small boom. More recently, and as a result of the Libyan revolution, a part of the perennially discontented Touareg northern minority found itself armed and with allies. These allies, Al Qaeda, other fanatical Islamists, and “Libyan” mercenaries, have taken over the movement. This presentation aims to provide some history, background, and insights on how these developments have taken place and perhaps hazard some guesses on what could happen in the future.

Brad Clarke
Dr. Clarke is the Associate Dean of Academics and History Department Chair at Gould. He loves his family, trail running, playing baseball, and his epic collection of vinyl records.

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