And if you look to your left, you can see some milestones passing by…

May 6, 2013

Hi everyone!

This week, I finally got this weight off of my chest: I decided which college I’ll be attending next year! Here is the sweatshirt (which I’m now allowed to wear to class because I decided)!

Saint Michael’s College Class of 2017!

Anyways, that’s a huge weight off of my shoulders and a massive milestone!

(I also wore it to go skiing on Sunday River yesterday after a hike up with Coach Molly Macleod, Anna Mulhearn ’15, Pratt Olson ’15 and Megan Detels)

Yes, you read that right. Skiing on May 4th, at Sunday River!

Which leads me to the part of my glog where I get to talk about something I love: Road cycling.

How does the bike team use STRAVA?

Well, it starts with this screen…

*Don’t mind the No GPS bar, I’m in the library…

Then you go for a ride, where you might see this:

Athletic Trainer Mr. Laperle Dropping me on our ride this morning…

Which after said ride turns into this:

My ride this morning with the Athletic Trainer, Mr. Laperle!

And then you upload it to the internet and it looks something like this:

My ride… Online!

and this:

You’ll notice at the bottom of the picture the segments scores. These are real segments of road, which have real time virtual leader boards which include the times of everyone who has ever ridden that segment while tracking with strava. These are updated as people get faster, and your time is decreased every time you ride a segment faster.

Here are a few of my favorite segments:

Notice any of the names on this list? The top 8 are current GA cyclists, then the list breaks into alumni, parents and current cyclists alike. This segment is often ridden by the team, as it goes from the bottom of Church st. by the field house to the corner where you turn towards the bike barn.

Of course, I couldn’t possibly forget the leaderboard for Mill Hill:

Anyways, what’s really cool about these is that each of the names with a time has actually ridden the segment! It creates an opportunity to look for growth, or claim supremacy in an area. (We’re gunning for you, Mr. Laperle!) It’s a perfect training partner because it is almost always faster than you, but it also marks down how far you’ve gone this year (517.8 Miles), how long you’ve ridden (30 h, 19m), and elevation gain (22,828 ft). From this, you can also break it down into weekly, or daily rides so that you can see trends in your cycling or running. And what better way to brag about being the fastest on a segment? There’s no more “I promise I rode this road in 28 seconds. Look at my watch!” It’s just cold hard facts.

As you can see in the link below, the bike team has really worked hard this year, and we still have a few weeks left. If you’re up next weekend, come support us at our Grafton Notch race, just outside of town. It’s our home race, and it would be fun to have some people cheering for us! You can continue to check in on this link to see where we’ve been, how far we’ve ridden, etc. (Note: Currently, only 7 people are attached to our group. One of them is an old coach who shreds around Portsmouth Nowadays. Thanks for boosting our milage Thomson Riley! Another is an alumni cyclist who currently rides for UVM, Taylor Reis. All of the other members are current members of the GA cycling team)

Also, I want to take this time to profess my love for fried ice cream. Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!

How tasty…

Have a great week!



Definitely spring here at the Academy. We love it, do you?



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