Anatomy of an advisee function

January 13, 2016

First, I am really late with this one… oops. #wbw (Way Back Wednesday… Way Back to Sunday.) I think more than half of my glogs have been on time. I think I am probably passing. I did ask wordpress for an extension on this one because the event I wanted to talk about didn’t happen until Monday… so it would have been hard to write about it on Sunday.

In January there are 3 birthdays in my advisee group (and a 4th of a recent alum.) They are almost exactly one week apart (this year: Saturday, Saturday, Friday and Saturday.) So we have one birthday party for everyone… sometime in the spring we’ll have an unbirthday party for the rest of us who aren’t in January. This year, they boys wanted a strawberry banana cake. I had never heard of one being made… but I was game, so on to the internet research. I found a number of different recipes for strawberry banana cake. Some looked better than others, but I settled on one with real bananas and strawberries.

I got to spend a while on Sunday afternoon and evening baking.

cake square


frosting square

Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting!

frosted cake square

A fully stacked and frosted cake… I don’t think I am going to be winning any cake decorating ribbons any time soon.

storage square


Storage got creative. The large spaghetti pot will work as a cake cover in a pinch. Also unintentional selfie.

eating reeditedI love to cook, but the best part of advisee functions is breaking bread with my advisees. Here are the four birthday boys. Including a cameo by glogger-emeritus, Aiden Clarke ’15.   

Then I had to clean up…


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