Anatomy of a Ninth Grade Study Hall

December 15, 2015

OVERHEARD IN 9th GRADE STUDY HALL: “That’s a lot of carrots you got there!”

Study Hall.


Act 1: Sign in. At 7:30 the 9th grade dribbles in in twos and threes. Look around. It’s time to play my favorite weekday family-fun game show: “FIND MYSELF!!” Chances are good that, if you sit all the way up in the front of the room every night, you know why.

This must be where Davis sits:

2015-12-14 20.48.08


Phones: Up front at the table.  Looking kinda-sorta like this:

iPhones, iPhones, EVERYWHERE!

iPhones, iPhones, EVERYWHERE!

And now, let the STUDYING BEGIN!

7:35- 9:27…Top 10 things heard tonight:

  1. Can I have an extension cord?
  2. Do YOU have extra headphones?
  3. You’re a Spanish teacher, but do you know anything about physics?
  4. It’s my birthday! (Happy Birthday, Cassidy!)
  5. Who wants some carrots?
  6. Can I use your phone, or do you need it?
  7. What’s wrong with the printer?
  8. Those carrots are making me feel not so good.
  9. Can I interview you about breakfast?
  10. You’re a Spanish teacher, but do you know anything about math?

As you can see, a very busy, studious place indeed. And here’s the proof:

2015-12-14 20.26.45 2015-12-14 20.27.02 2015-12-14 20.27.33 2015-12-14 20.27.47 2015-12-14 20.28.08 2015-12-14 20.28.25 2015-12-14 20.30.39 2015-12-14 20.47.23


***So many carrots.***





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