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January 6, 2015

OVERHEARD AT A SPANISH HELP SESSION: (StudentYou mean there’s a SYSTEM for this? Wow, I feel like I’ve been playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey, with no donkey!”

Happy New Year everyone! (why repay a pen?)

One of those crazy things that I like to do when I can’t sleep, or when I’m on duty in a quiet study hall, is to play with words. If you’ve never played with anagrams before, DON’T START NOW! It’s really tough to stop when you get started.

What’s an anagram? (Student: “A telegram from Ana?”) defines an anagram as “a word or phrase made by changing the order of the letters in another word or phrase”. So basically, you just rearrange the letters of a word or words and, using ALL of the letters, make another word or words. Here is an easy one: spaghetti=Pa Gets Hit (or “ape tights” which is funnier). So anagrams are fun! And sometimes they make not much sense (Gould Academy= calm yoga dude).

On the other hand: Sometimes they make a lot of sense.  Too much sense. You would be surprised at how much sense you can make with morning assembly (no messy rambling), or mountain day (on duty mania). But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself here.

Sometimes the anagram is silly, as in one for Ordway study hall (hardy adults yowl). Sometimes you have to wonder if the anagram maker knows something you don’t:

Davidson Hall (I hold vandals)
Holden Hall (Lad hell, hon)
Four Point (Poor unfit!)

If add in the occasional punctuation, you can get some really fun sentences, like this: Ski Patrol (Lip rot? Ask!)

Go ahead and try your own name! This is when it gets fun.  Enjoy!!!!!

Random travel photo:

Mrs Alford in La Mancha, home of don Quixote!

Mrs Alford in La Mancha, home of don Quixote!


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  1. Avatar Tedd Brown says:

    Do A Lug Ford….yeah kind of fun

  2. Avatar Greg Gilman says:

    Clone Gig! (Nice glog)

    – Mr. Groggy Alien

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