“An orange peanut? For me?”

February 1, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone!

So for this week’s post, I promised Mr. Laperle I would write about “bad lip reading,”  which is just in time for the Super Bowl this Sunday!

Bad lip reading videos are incredibly funny and are always just as funny after the 4th or 5th time! They just don’t get old! Luckily, Youtube.com conveniently places links to other similar videos right next to the one just viewed to ensure you have hours of entertainment! The presidential election videos are my personal favorites as well as the “The Hunger Games” video. Actually… let’s face it, they are all good.  Below is a great example.

As I mentioned before, the Super Bowl is this Sunday. For all of those recent alums out there, you know how special this day is at Gould Academy. I actually believe that it is the best food I eat all year long. There is a speciality food from each city, as well as just about every tailgate food you could possibly imagine. For example: wings, mozzarella sticks, chips and dip, vegetables, popcorn, mini tacos, nachos, jalapeño poppers, etc. Then, there are cakes for each team, 6 foot sandwiches, and to finish it all off, an ice cream sundae bar! The food is so good that essentially every person in attendance at Ordway gains weight. That’s probably not true, exactly, but it feels true.

This is a huge tradition at Gould, and I have been going since the very first event. I’m quite excited! Luckily, we have a 9 mile nordic ski that day, so I will be eating the whole night with not a single regret!

Until Next Week,


PS You need to watch the video to understand my title.


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  1. Avatar ryan laperle says:

    Great Glog, Alec! Those videos crack Mrs. Laperle and I up.

  2. Avatar Jefe says:

    “I found Fido! Hey, I found Fido!”

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